Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Worst Homestand Ever

The Cardinals beat the Pirates 7 - 4 today to wrap up a seven game homestand in which they went 3 - 4.
I have never experienced such bad television baseball at Busch Stadium - ever.
Usually Busch Stadium is filled with wild, raucous fans. It is definitely an event to watch Cardinals baseball at Busch Stadium.
Not this homestand.
The Cardinals have fallen out of contention and are barely hanging on to their play-off hopes.
The pitching isn't sharp, there are lapses defensively, and you never know when their offense is going to show up.
The fans see this and instead of a crowd that is rocking and rolling, they are sitting on their hands.
Teams that play well and win create an atmosphere at the ballpark that makes people want to go to the game.
It is such great fun capturing that atmosphere on television thus bring that "feeling" to the viewers at home.
That atmosphere has disappeared from Busch Stadium.
I know, I just witnessed the worst homestand ever.

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