Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The White Sox beat the Cardinals 2 - 1 tonight at Busch Stadium. This extra inning affair took 3:34 to play and was just the type of game I was hoping for after 4 days off. No, I wasn't hoping for extra innings but I was hoping for a well-pitched game and I got one. Both starting pitchers, in fact, all eleven pitchers in the game pitched well. There was a nice flow to the show tonight and we were able to get a nice rhythm going. I hope for the same game tomorrow. Hopefully, the rain will stay away.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Currently flying from Miami to St. Louis at 36,000 feet I just don't feel like commenting on the Cards 5 - 1 victory over the Marlins tonight in Miami. No, I would rather comment on the next four days of this 2015 season. I have them off!! My youngest son is getting married and I am taking the weekend off plus Monday is a scheduled off day. Four days off during the middle of the season is truly a luxury. I have not yet begun to fry and these next four days will certainly delay the onset of my brain frying. It happens every season. The frying will just begin a tad bit later this season.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flow Of The Show

The Rebirds beat the Marlins tonight in Miami. The 6 - 1 game took 2:31 to play. 2:31 is such a great pace for a game and, thus, a telecast. There is one way and one way only that a game can be played in 2:31 - great starting pitching. Both starting pitchers in this game were outstanding. We battled some technical issues at the start of the telecast but I'm sure the viewer didn't notice. The EIC of this truck is great and he corrected the issue in a prompt fashion. This turned out to be one of our better telecasts of the 2015 season. Usually a technical issue disrupts the flow of a show. Not tonight.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Load Of Crap

In Miami tonight, it took 2:45 for the Cardinals to defeat the Marlins. Tonight's telecast was on Fox1 and was a National broadcast. I worked with the Marlins producer and we had a fairly smooth show. Everyone in the business who sits in the Producer's chair or the Director's chair has a different style. One of the primary reasons why I love my job so much is that each and every night I learn something new. Tonight was great fun as I sat next to someone whom I had never worked with before and it only took a couple of innings before I understood his rhythm and we got into a nice flow. I remember when dual feeds were introduced into our business. Everyone knew that dual feeds were brought into the TV business as a big time money saver. At the time, duals were saving each broadcast side $5000.00. That's $10,000 per show - big money. Multiply that by 155 telecasts and that figure is $1,550,000 - huge dough. I still laugh when I remember the reason we were given as to why dual feeds were introduced. "Every director cuts the game in a similar fashion. Therefore, there won't be a noticeable difference in the coverage." What a load of crap.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brain Back To Life

It took 2:29 for the Phillies to beat the Cardinals 9 - 2 today in Philadelphia. I am currently flying with the team at 36,000 feet to Miami. I truly do not remember anything about this game. I do remember predicting a Cards victory, but this game is a blur. What can I say? The worst team in baseball beat the best team in baseball. We have an off day tomorrow in Miami. I will try to remember something about today's game/telecast, but I doubt I will be able to do that. I am just a bit brain dead. Sleeping until 2:00 eastern tomorrow just might bring my brain back from the dead. It may or may not work but I am going to try it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Collapse

The Redbirds defeated the Phillies tonight in Philly by the score do 10 - 1 in 3:02. For the second consecutive game the Cards collected 16 hits against a Philadelphia pitching staff that may be the worst I have ever seen. These poor pitchers don't have a clue on the mound. We were talking in the truck tonight about the collapse of the Phillies. This was one of the best teams and sometimes the best team in all of baseball for many years. How quickly it can and does end. The Cardinals shouldn't and won't lose to this team tomorrow. I have always liked the Phillies and their players. Unfortunately, this team will lose well over 100 games this season. From the highest of highs to the lowest of the lows - that is the Philadelphia Phillies. Wow!!

Friday, June 19, 2015


The Cards beat the Phil's tonight in Philly by the score of 12 - 4. This 3:34 affair for the Cardinals included 12 runs, 16 hits and 10 walks. This was a bad baseball game with a bad baseball team - the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the Redbirds still showed signs of respect for the Phil's by not trying to pile on. There were a couple of instances where the Cardinals could have sent more baserunners home on basehits but the runner was held up on third base. Respect. It is very important to the integrity of the game that both teams show respect to each other. It is also very important for members of the TV team to show respect for one another. This did not happen tonight. I felt that one member of our TV team was disrespecting another member of our TV team and I tried to put an end to it. Words were exchanged in an unprofessional manner during the telecast. I should have waited until after the show to confront the disrespectful member of our team but, I felt at the time, I had to end this now. The show went on and no more disrespect was shown. We will see about tomorrow's game/telecast.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Better And Better

Today, I turned 60. Yup - 60. For over half of my life I have been involved with Major League Baseball television. 32 years to be exact. I am blessed. I love the game of baseball - love it. My career highlight occurred this week in Minnesota - my home state. I worked on a telecast with my two sons. One ran the duet (graphics) and the other ran the Fox Box. So, in my 32nd year of televising baseball, I experienced the highlight of my career! What does that tell you? It tells me that this gig just keeps getting better and better.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thank You God

I just spent the greatest night of my 32 year professional TV baseball career. I began my career in Minnesota. I was part of the TV crew that closed out Metropolitan Stadium. I was part of the TV crew that opened the Metrodome and the current ballpark of the Minnesota Twins - Target Field. Those moments were all great. But, nothing compares to my experience tonight. I directed the Cardinals @ Twins telecast tonight with my oldest som, Tom, running the duet (graphics) and my youngest son, Mike, running the Fox Box. I really enjoy covering Cardinals baseball and I look forward to every telecast. Tonight, however, was special having my two boys involved with Cardinals television. I am proud of my boys and tonight I couldn't have been more proud. I am so blessed. Thank you God, thank you!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


It took 2:31 of actual game time for the Cards to beat the Twins today at Busch Stadium. I said actual game time because there were two rain delays during the game. One delay was for 45 minutes and the other was 47 minutes. Currently flying to Minnesota at 36,000 feet to continue the series. 2 games in St. Louis followed by 2 in Minnesota. Being from Minnesota, I have been looking forward to this trip all season. I don't care that it is supposed to rain in Minnesota tomorrow. I'm going home.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Good Day

Let me count the good things that happened to me today in no particular order. After a 20 minute rain delay to start the game, the Cardinals beat the Twins 3 - 2. The game was well played and well pitched and took 2:32 to play. I had a nice conversation with my former college teammate (1975 - 1977) and roadtrip roommate (1975) Twins manager Paul Molitor. I worked in the same TV truck with my oldest son, Tom, who was running the duet for the Twins feed. I had dinner with my son as well. All around, this was a great day. I am blessed.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rained Out

Today's game between the Royals and Cardinals at Busch Stadium was called at 3:54 due to rain. We ran our 4 open segments and open billboards and waited. 5 hours and 54 minutes after I arrived at the ballpark the game was cancelled. What does a TV crew do during a rain delay you ask? Nothing absolutely nothing.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


It took 2:46 for the Cardinals to beat the Royals today at Busch Stadium. The 3 - 2 score epitomized the quality of these two teams. They both enjoy the best win/loss records in their respective leagues. They are clearly two of the best teams in baseball and they play like it. And, covering baseball games that feature 2 quality teams is great fun. This is only the middle of June yet these games have a definite playoff feel and the atmosphere at Busch Stadium is electric. I can't wait for tomorrow's game/telecast.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Great Fun

The Cardinals beat the Royals tonight at Busch Stadium by the score of 4 - 0 in 2:38. This game is my favorite type of game - well pitched! The Cards starting pitcher pitched 8 solid innings allowing only 4 infield singles. He also knocked in a run with a two-out single. I was really looking forward to this game and this series. The best teams (record wise) in each league. A full Busch Stadium was rocking with it's sea of red and pockets of blue. I was expecting great fun and great fun was delivered. More great fun tomorrow please.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Love Fest

I love Denver Colorado. I love the city. I love the weather. I love Coors Field. I love the Ritz Carlton - the best hotel in the National League. I love doing baseball with that TV crew. From top to bottom, they are all great! I love walking to the ballpark before the game and I love taking a rickshaw from Coors Field to the hotel after the game. I love the restaurants and bars in the city. I love Elway's - the bar/restaurant in the hotel. I love the espresso coffee machine in the room. There is only one thing I may love more than my Denver experience. My own bed. I am in it tonight. Ok enough of the love fest. Goodnight.

2 Things

I don't usually add an additional post to this blog. In fact, I never have added an additional post to this blog on the same day. However, I feel compelled to offer an additional post tonight. First of all, kudos to the Denver home TV crew for a very comfortable dual experience. The visiting TV crew members on our crew at top notch. No worries. Also, we on the St. Louis TV team are breaking in a new director. I have been doing this for 32 years. I know what I am doing and forgive me for my confidence - I know what I am doing? Our lead tape producer wants to learn how to direct and we are giving him the opportunity to do so. So far so good. I know that it took me 15 years before I knew what I was doing cutting a game. 15 years to realize I cannot be surprised. As I sat next to him, producing the telecast tonight, I remembered how I felt as he cut the game and I smiled in the great understanding of how hard directing baseball can be. It is exciting for me to watch him grow and learn as a TV baseball director. Trust me, cutting baseball is the most difficult sport to direct - period. Our new director is going to get more opportunities. I can't wait to watch him progress.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Sucked

After a 1:07 rain delay, the Rockies beat the Cards 4 - 3 in 2:56. I missed a pickoff tonight. After a batter was called out on strikes on a 3 - 2 count, he slowly started walking out of the box but up the first base line. I told my low first base camera op to shoot the pitcher. As he was framing the shot the catcher threw to first and the runner was called out on a close play at the bag. I believe my high first camera op (my pick off camera) thought the batter had walked because he was panning for a shot of the Cards pitching coach in the dugout. He whipped back and caught the tag at the last second. It's a helpless feeling when you look to your pickoff camera and he is not there. I don't blame the camera op who is great. To make matters worse, the Rockies challenged the call on the field and it took the umpires 2 minutes and 9 seconds to uphold the call. 2 minutes and 9 seconds to emphasize how I sucked on my cut in that situation. It felt like 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Coors Field. Final score 11 - 3. Two 5-run innings. 5 doubles. One triple. Four homeruns. 14 runs. 24 hits. Add it all up. All this at Coors Field and the game was played in 2:39. What?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Back To Back

Another great great game /telecast! This was a mirror image of last night's great great game/telecast. However, it was the Dodgers turn for the victory. Like last night, both starting pitchers were superb. Like last night, the winning runs were scored in the 8th inning. The Dodgers beat the Cards 2 - 0 in 2:22 with the Rebirds collecting only 1 basehit - a single in the 2nd inning. It's not often that a TV production team will televise back to back games as good as these 2 contests. Off tomorrow because of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. I am flying to Denver early and will watch the game from there. I hope it's another gem.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Best Game

Cardinals fans, of which I consider myself, witnessed the best baseball win of the 2015 season tonight at Dodger Stadium. In this 2:22 game, the Redbirds scored 2 runs in the top of the 8th inning to take the lead and eventually won the game 2 - 1. Until the 8th inning, the Cards had only managed 2 hits off the Dodgers starting pitcher who was dealing. In the 8th inning the Cardinals scored the 2 runs on a walk, 2 infield singles and a sacrifice fly. The night ended with a perfect 1 - 2 - 3 inning. What a game!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

No Grinding Game

The Cardinals defeated the Dodgers tonight in LA by the score of 7 - 1 in 2:56. This was one of those "nothing" games. There was nothing memorable about this game. There was no drama. There were no great plays or exciting moments. This was one of those "relaxing" games I have written about. The only positive aspect of "nothing" games is they lessen the grind of a baseball season. There was no grinding tonight.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scary Moment

Writing this while cruising at 37,000 feet on our way to Los Angeles. The 5-run bottom of the first inning took care of any drama in this contest as the Cards beat the Brewers 7 - 4 in 2:40 today at Busch Stadium. Despite this game being over before it was over, there was a nice flow to the game and a nice flow to the show today. The key moment of the game/telecast was when the Brewers third baseman flew awkwardly into the stands in foul territory near third base. The game paused for a while before the player walked off the field and into the clubhouse. Our announcers didn't speculate and we waited with our replays until we saw that the player was not badly injured. To tell the truth, I found it hard to believe that he wasn't more badly injured than he was. A scary moment in an otherwise vanilla game.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Just a terrific baseball game. Once again in front of a full house, the Cards defeated the Brewers 1 - 0 in 2:27. This game was well pitched by both teams. This game was not without drama. The Brewers had runners on first and third with 1 out in the top of the ninth inning and their batter was a career 4 - 5 against the Redbirds hurler. On a 2 - 2 count he grounded into a 5 - 4 - 3 double play to end the game. Cutting the ending of this game was just about as enjoyable as cutting a walk-off win. Great great fun. Just terrific!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

I Expect It

At Busch Stadium tonight, the Brewers beat the Cardinals 1 - 0 in 3:05. I really enjoyed this game/telecast tonight because the starting pitcher for both teams was superb. The reason the game took over 3 hours to play was the fact that the Cardinals threatened against the Brew Crew bullpen in both the eighth and ninth innings. I remember how much I enjoyed Albert Pujols play when he was a Cardinal. I enjoyed his play because I expected Albert to deliver each and every at-bat. And he usually did. This is the same reason I enjoy this Cardinals team as they compete. I expect them to deliver and they usually do. Tonight, I honestly thought the Redbirds would win the game and this thought continued until the final out. I have the best job in baseball television.