Friday, February 28, 2014

One Down

The first telecast of the Cardinals 2014 season occurred today at Roger Dean Stadium with the Redbirds losing to the Marlins. You know what? I don't even remember the final score. Spring training games are like that. You just hope and pray for a fairly "clean" telecast. Many, many bugs happen during the first few shows of every season. Early on during the telecast some cameras weren't tallying, the main tape resource wasn't keying properly and there were some audio issues. That's to be expected. We had a great, great shot of the Cardinals starting pitcher as he walked from the clubhouse to the field. Our opening standup was very tight. The crew worked hard and we had a very, very nice show. I am not a fan of spring training television but it was nice to see our friends with the Cardinals - the traveling secretary, the equipment guys, the trainers, the video guy, the manager and the coaches. I am glad I am only doing the next two spring telecasts. I look forward to opening day in Cincinnati.