Friday, June 19, 2015


The Cards beat the Phil's tonight in Philly by the score of 12 - 4. This 3:34 affair for the Cardinals included 12 runs, 16 hits and 10 walks. This was a bad baseball game with a bad baseball team - the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the Redbirds still showed signs of respect for the Phil's by not trying to pile on. There were a couple of instances where the Cardinals could have sent more baserunners home on basehits but the runner was held up on third base. Respect. It is very important to the integrity of the game that both teams show respect to each other. It is also very important for members of the TV team to show respect for one another. This did not happen tonight. I felt that one member of our TV team was disrespecting another member of our TV team and I tried to put an end to it. Words were exchanged in an unprofessional manner during the telecast. I should have waited until after the show to confront the disrespectful member of our team but, I felt at the time, I had to end this now. The show went on and no more disrespect was shown. We will see about tomorrow's game/telecast.

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