Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Load Of Crap

In Miami tonight, it took 2:45 for the Cardinals to defeat the Marlins. Tonight's telecast was on Fox1 and was a National broadcast. I worked with the Marlins producer and we had a fairly smooth show. Everyone in the business who sits in the Producer's chair or the Director's chair has a different style. One of the primary reasons why I love my job so much is that each and every night I learn something new. Tonight was great fun as I sat next to someone whom I had never worked with before and it only took a couple of innings before I understood his rhythm and we got into a nice flow. I remember when dual feeds were introduced into our business. Everyone knew that dual feeds were brought into the TV business as a big time money saver. At the time, duals were saving each broadcast side $5000.00. That's $10,000 per show - big money. Multiply that by 155 telecasts and that figure is $1,550,000 - huge dough. I still laugh when I remember the reason we were given as to why dual feeds were introduced. "Every director cuts the game in a similar fashion. Therefore, there won't be a noticeable difference in the coverage." What a load of crap.

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