Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Cardinals beat the Pirates 7 - 2 tonight in 2 hours and 46 minutes.
There were three homeruns to cut in this game which I always enjoy, but the telecast itself was at times bumpy.
There was a messy billboard and I boxed the TD (excellent by the way) into a corner with a confusing command concerning the Foxtrax element.
Other than that, the telecast was fairly clean.
I like the Pittsburgh crew. They work hard, they listen, and they are fun to be around.
The past three telecasts were fairly enjoyable and I look forward to going back to Pittsburgh in September.
Now my dilemma.
Tomorrow is an off day.
It is 1AM and I just arrived in my room in Chicago.
I know I am in Chicago, which is my favorite city in baseball, so I shouldn't complain but I don't care for off-days on the road.
I have been coming to Chicago for 25 years.
I have been there and done that.
To show you how off-days mess with my thinking, I am actually considering going to the Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox game tomorrow night.
Whatever happens, I will try to make the most of tomorrow - an off-day on the road.

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