Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The RF Camera

The Pittsburgh Pirates home telecasts include a RF (radio frequency) camera.
Fox Sports Midwest, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, is working hard to include a RF camera for their 2012 home productions.
What a great tool!
The RF camera is successful in two areas.
The RF camera adds quality to the telecast and the RF camera captures the fun at the ball park better than any other tool utilized by the TV production team.
Thus, the RF camera sells more tickets than any other camera used during a telecast.
Perhaps each team should provide a RF telecast for each home TV production. Just a thought.
I believe that the home telecast should accomplish two goals: put the viewer on the field AND in the ballpark.
Putting the viewer on the field through proper camera and replay usage is the best way to judge the baseball coverage quality of each telecast.
Putting the viewer in the ballpark is another goal of the TV production team during a telecast.
(Both of these goals are equally important)
The best procedure for enhancing the ballpark experience for the viewer is with the utilization of the RF camera.
When the TV production team captures the play on the field with camera shots and replays and shows how much fun it is to be at the ballpark with the use of the RF camera, then the TV production is a grand success.
The Pirates telecast accomplished both goals tonight.


  1. What are some of the noticeable differences for the TV viewer when an RF camera is being used? Is it mostly portability or is there a discernible difference in picture quality?

  2. Hi Madding!
    The RF camera is so versatile that it adds an added dimension to the telecast.