Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Great Day

The Cardinals beat the Marlins tonight by the score of 7 - 4 in 3:29 and I was not bothered in the least by the length of the game
This was a poorly pitched game from both of the starters and I was not bothered in the least.
Another bad game on this roadtrip and I felt good.
I kept my focus throughout the game and I felt good about my performance as well as the performance of the crew because I knew this day would end well.
I am now sitting on the balcony with my wife Jane and my grandson, Brendan, is asleep in the hotel room.
This game could have matched the terrible game from yesterday in Milwaukee and, in fact, almost did.
But I was not affected by tonight's contest like I was after yesterday's joke of a game.
I knew that despite every effort from tonight's baseball game to discourage me, I would be with my wife and grandson after the game.
There was absolutely NOTHING that could have possibly happened tonight that was going to take away from the fact that I knew I was going to be wonderfully happy when I returned to the hotel.
I hugged my wife and kissed my sleeping grandson when I got to my room and the happiness enveloped me.
It doesn't even bother me that the wonderful people who read this blog may think that I am a dweeb for writing a sappy blog.
This was a great day!

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