Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Flash Of The Past

The Cardinals beat the Brewers 2 - 1 tonight at Miller park in 3:12.
It will take a miracle for the Cardinals to overtake the Brewers this season as they are now 9 1/2 games out with 27 to play. But, this is one of the few games that have had ANY meaning in the past few weeks.
The fact that the Cardinals are not eliminated from the race put a little bit of importance to this game/telecast.
The Cardinals play the Brewers 5 more times in the next 8 days so, even though the future is bleak, there is a bit of meaning to these games.
I have stated many times in this blog that I am very, very spoiled. The Redbirds have been very successful for a long time. I have had the privilege of cutting Cardinals telecasts during maybe their most successful stretch in history.
All of us on the St. Louis Cardinals TV team know that the chances of post-season play for the Cardinals is slim.
But, the recent history of this organization creates a atmosphere of hope that the season isn't truly over yet.
Tonight's game provided that.
Tonight's game was a flash of the past.

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