Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Rare Off-Day Blog

In yesterday's blog, I lamented about tomorrow's off-day in Chicago.
My lament had nothing to do with Chicago. I love Chicago.
I lamented my upcoming off-day because, I believe, there is nothing worse in this profession than off days on the road.
This is a rare blog in that I am blogging after an off-day instead of after a game.
But, I felt a need to blog because today's off-day was actually a great day.
I woke up late.
I drank my morning coffee with a delicious cranberry/orange muffin.
I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill.
Then, I read for a couple of hours and was totally relaxed.
Invigorated, I went shopping on Michigan Avenue for my Grandson, Brendan.
I bought him a clothing franchise and felt great.
After that wonderful excursion, I met the Cardinals equipment manager and great friend Rip Rowen for beers and dinner.
Rip and I have something in common - we both have wonderful wives.
We both lamented the fact that we were not with the women we love but we made the most of our situation.
I question the theme of yesterday's blog because each day is what you make it.
This off-day in Chicago was actually a great day.
This day was relaxing and I spent it with a great friend.
Tomorrow we are televising from Wrigley Field with our only telecast of the weekend.
Big Fox has Saturday and ESPN has the Sunday night affair.
I will blog about tomorrow's telecast, but the rest of the weekend will probably remain silent.
I know you will understand.

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