Monday, August 15, 2011

The Edge

In order to keep on top of things during a TV sports telecast, the director must have the "edge".
The TV sports director cannot and must not lose concentration.
The TV sports director must maintain that "edge" at all times.
The director who televises the NFL must have the "edge" for 16 regular season games. These games occur once a week.
The TV directors for the NBA and the NHL televise approximately three games per week. Therefore, the "edge" must be maintained about every other day.
As the TV baseball director for the St. Louis Cardinals, I am in the director's chair for 155 games in a six month period which averages to about 26 games a month.
This presents a credible argument:
Is it tougher to maintain an "edge" one game a week, three games per week or 6 games per week?
I don't believe that any one sport is more difficult than the other when maintaining that "edge". Once a TV spots director is "in the chair", something takes over that pushes the director to perform at a high level of concentration.
That something is the "edge".
For the TV baseball director, once the season starts he/she must get into a specific mindset that is required in order to maintain the "edge" for a six month period. I do not enjoy off-days on the road because these off-days disrupt my mindset. I want to maintain my "edge" especially when I am on the road.
At home it is important to maintain that wonderful "edge" as I direct the game, but it is also very nice to give the mind a break from the "edge". Therefore, I find off-days at home to be very therapeutic. Ask my family and they will agree as well.
Off-days at home are nice.
Off-days on the road with my wife are also nice.
Off-days on the road alone seem to take forever.
I began a roadtrip to Pittsburgh and Chicago tonight.
I have an off-day in Chicago on Thursday followed by two off-days at home on Saturday (Big FOX) and Sunday. (ESPN Sunday Night Baseball)
I am not looking forward to Thursday and I can't wait for the weekend.
It's all about the "edge".

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