Monday, August 1, 2011

The Shot of the Game

Almost every game/telecast includes a "shot of the game".
This is the shot that everyone talks about the next day.
Did you see that shot of Albert when Holliday went deep? Did you see that shot of Berkman as he crossed home plate. Did you see that shot of LaRussa in the 6th inning?
You know what I am talking about.
That telltale shot of the game.
The "shot of the game" is a factor of the telecast that every member of the TV crew is striving for. The game will dictate the "shot of the game". The "shot of the game" may come in many different categories.
The celebration of a walk-off win.
The wonderful moment of an accomplished milestone.
A rare play and the reaction of the players to that play.
99% of the time the "shot of the game" is defined by a positive moment during the contest - a win, a milestone accomplished, a rare exhiliarating moment.
1% of the time the "shot of the game " will tell the story of a disappointing affair.
The Cardinals were beaten by the Brewers tonight by the score of 6 - 2.
Tonight's "shot of the game" was a shot of Cardinals starting pitcher, Chris Carpenter. Carpenter was cruising through 4 innings and unravelled in the 5th inning when he gave up 5 runs. The "shot of the game" occurred during that inning and it showed the sweat running off of the brim of his baseball cap. Our play by play announcer even said as I took a tight shot of his ball cap, "No folks, it's not raining".
Cardinals fans will not talk about any certain play from tonight's game/telecast. They will talk about the sweat running off of Chris Carpenter's cap.
Why not?
It was the shot of the game.

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