Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayers Not Answered

Today's game/telecast finally got underway after a 1 hour 21 minute rain delay.
The game was played in 3:23 and the Cardinals beat the Marlins 8 - 4.
The steady light rain that occurred throughout the game created a couple of almost comical instances on the field. Twice the grounds crew stopped play so that they could apply drying materials to the infield dirt. They did not do this by hand. They did it with motorized carts that had spreaders connected to the back of the vehicle. What I found so comical was that while the grounds crew was doing this, the players were all on the field in the rain watching. We are not talking a minute or two, we are talking 10 minutes!
The head grounds keeper did a fantastic job in a no-win situation. I don't know what they pay this guy but double it!
In my 24 years of involvement with St. Louis Cardinals baseball television I have never witnessed a more difficult roadtrip to televise than the trip we just completed to Milwaukee and Florida. This trip was filled with poorly pitched, poorly played, and poorly paced games.
After each game/telecast, we of the St. Louis Cardinals TV crew thought for sure that the next telecast would get better.
Unfortunately, each game was worse than the previous game.
Our prayers were not answered.

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