Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Knew

I knew the Cardinals were going to crush the Pirates today.
I knew by the third batter of the game.
On the mound for the Cardinals was Adam Wainwright who was 14-6 and had won 10 straight games at Busch Stadium.
The game did not start out all that well for Wainwright and the Cardinals as the first two batters for the Pirates singled to start the game.
Runners on first and second with nobody out and the Pirates #3 batter who was hitting .305 is at the plate.
What happened next I still don't believe.
As the late, great Jack Buck once said on the air, "I don't believe what I just saw".
The batter tried bunting the ball.
Not once but twice!
And on the second attempt, the ball hit him outside of the batters box and he was called out!
At that moment I knew the Cardinals were going to destroy the Pirates.
The Cardinals won the game 9-1 and the score wasn't even that close.
The Cardinals' ninth run typified the day for the pitiful Pirates. The run scored on a 2-out bases loaded walk in the bottom of the eighth inning.
This will be the eighteenth consecutive losing season for the Pirates.
I have great respect for Jeff, the Pirates TV director. He is always upbeat and he does a great job. I said to him during the game, "I don't know how you do it." His answer, "It ain't easy."
I am totally spoiled because of the success of the St. Louis Cardinals and I am very grateful that I have the privilege to cut their games.
There is a certain added quality sitting in the director's chair knowing that the team you cover has a great chance to win every night.

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