Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can't Top That

The St. Louis Cardinals organization is an organization with great tradition.
It is a privilege to be part of such a successful and respected team and front office.
Before today's game, the Cardinals honored Whitey Herzog for being elected to baseball's Hall of Fame.
We covered the ceremony live and capturing this event for the Cardinals fans was very exciting. I looked forward to this telecast and was very pleased with the outcome.
In fact, the highlight of our telecast was the second inning when Whitey was our guest in the both. Whitey is a great story teller and his interaction with our announcers was very entertaining.
As a fan, the pregame ceremony and the second inning with Whitey were highly enjoyable.
As a baseball TV director, the first inning was very rewarding because of the rare play that occurred to end the top of the first.
The Pirates had runners on first and second with one out. The batter hit a pop-up to the infield. The infield fly rule was called. The Cardinals catcher dropped the ball and the runners took off for second base and third base.
There was some confusion on the field as the Cardinals threw the ball to second base and tagged the runner from first. The umpire called the runner safe and then reversed his decision and called him out.
We came back from break to show replays of what happened during this rare play. Our announcers explained the play and our replays showed exactly what happened.
But, the highlight of this sequence was not the weird play that just happened. Our lead tape Producer, Brian, cued up an equally rare base running play that occurred during a May 7 Cardinals/Pirates game in Pittsburgh.
During that game, there was a rundown and two Pirates ended up at third base. The rule is the runner from second base is out and the runner who was originally on third base is safe. Well, during this particular play, the umpire made the right call and called the trailing runner out. The original runner at third base thought he was out, stepped off the base and was tagged by a Cardinals player and was immediately called out by the umpire. A double play!
Two very rare and very strange base running plays between two teams in the same season.
Airing the May 7th play after tonight's weird play was absolutely the highlight of this telecast.
The Cardinals won in a rout by the score of 11-1 and scored in every inning but the first and the third.
The pregame ceremony was very exciting and very successful.
The first inning coverage was very rewarding.
The second inning with Whitey was very entertaining.
You just can't top that start to a telecast.

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