Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watching The Game

It is just after 9:00 pm and I am home in St. Louis after our day game telecast from Citi Field in New York.
What am I doing? To tell the truth, I am watching a re-air of today's telecast on FSN Midwest.
I think it is a good idea to occasionally watch my work.
It is somewhat strange to me that I remember every shot and I can tell you what camera I was looking at and I can remember what I said to the announcers on their IFB during particular moments in the game/telecast.
Whenever the ball is put in play, I go to camera 2 (high home) and immediately start looking at other cameras for my next shot. I know that camera 2 is going to shag (follow) the ball so I really do not focus my total attention on that camera when it is on the air.
I am spoiled because our camera 2 operator at home (Busch Stadium) is one of the finest in the country and is maybe the best at framing shots while the ball is in play.
Well, the camera 2 operator in New York at Citi Field is absolutely outstanding also. He has a great shag and his framing is outstanding.
Once I take a camera and put it on the air, I stop paying attention to that camera and start looking for my next shot. In fact, when I am in a good rhythm, I know what camera I am going to be on in five shots.
Setting up replays during sacrifice situations is an excellent example of this particular shot sequence.
Critical moments during a game are a blast to cut.
Busch Stadium, bottom of the ninth inning, tie game, bases loaded and Albert Pujols at the plate, c'mon, I am getting fired up just thinking about it.
When I start cutting moments such as that, I know where I am going to be three or four or five or even six shots down the road.
I don't look at the program monitor because I am looking for my next shot so I am relying on the camera operator who is "on the air" to provide a quality shot.
I am confident that our home camera operators fulfill this responsibility.
It is great to see the New York Mets Citi Field camera operators fulfill this responsibility as well when they are "on the air".
Great job and excellent telecast by the whole New York crew!

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