Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Turnaround

A summary of tonight's game:
4 hours, 32 minutes
13 innings
15 runs
29 hits
A 6-run top of the first inning for the Cardinals.
A 4-run bottom of the eighth inning for the Mets.
Both team used eight pitchers.
The Cardinals threw 205 pitches.
The Mets threw 203 pitches.
The Cardinals threw 121 strikes and 84 balls.
The Mets threw 128 strikes and 75 balls.
After our post-game hits, we were off the air at 11:52 pm.
At 11:30 am today, we will be on the air with our pre-game show.
I don't mind the quick turnaround between telecasts because tomorrow is a get-away day and, therefore, on a normal 3-hour game I should be in my door before 7 pm.
I will gladly take the quick turnaround but not another game like tonight's.

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