Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out Of Sync

There were many aspects of this game that should have led to a good "flow to the show".
The game had a nice pace and was played in 2:33.
Chris Carpenter, the Cardinals starting pitcher, was dominating. In fact, going into the seventh inning, Carpenter had thrown only 49 pitches!
The Cardinals hit two homeruns and were in control of this contest from the start.
With all of these positive aspects to the game, we were still unable to develop a good flow to the show and were out of sync for most of the game/telecast.
I know that the TV crew was looking forward to this match-up. We are always excited when Carpenter pitches and the Phillies were starting Jamie Moyer. There is enough information about the 47 year old Moyer that story lines could be told the whole telecast.
This is exactly where tonight's telecast went wrong.
We tried to do too much too early in the telecast.
We had a great opportunity to space these story lines throughout the game telecast and we crammed too much information into the show in the first inning.
The first inning of this telecast featured some of the worst baseball television we have aired all season.
I believe the baseball Gods were looking out for us when Moyer left the game after the first inning with a strain to his pitching elbow.
But, by the time Moyer left the game, the damage was done.
There were some nice moments to the telecast but we never really got into a good rhythm.
This show was a struggle all night.

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