Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Houston Astros beat the Cardinals tonight by the score of 4-1. There was a nice easy flow to the game and the show during this 2:19 affair.
During our meal break from 3:30 to 4:30, our Cardinals travelling TV party dined together in the excellent Astros press room. Our table included the announcers as well as the Producer, myself, our tape producer, and our graphics guru.
It was during this meal break that Dan and Ricky, our announcers, told us they were going to talk about the St. Louis Cardinals coaches at various intervals during the game.
During the telecast, each coach was put on camera and Dan and Ricky did a nice job explaining their respective responsibilities.
These coaches sequences did not take away from the game and, in fact, added real quality to the telecast.
Another highlight of the telecast came about through the collaboration of Brian, our replay and tape room producer and Keith, our graphics guru.
The story of the game was that the Astros made the plays when needed and the Cardinals did not make the plays when needed.
During a commercial break, we built two front-end graphics that read "HELP OUT STARTER" and "MAKING HIM WORK".
The HELP OUT STARTER graphic led to video of the Astros making plays and the MAKING HIM WORK graphic led to video of the Cardinals not making plays.
Very effective!
This telecast was a great example of how important teamwork is to the quality of the show.
I am proud to be a member of this TV team.

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