Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silence Is Deafening

Last season, I had a terrible experience in New York with the Citi Field TV crew.
I became fed-up with the crew for the incessant chatter and loudly let them know what I thought of their unprofessional behavior.
I like the guys on this crew but the nonstop talking and laughing was distracting and the quality of the telecast was suffering because of this behavior.
I spoke with the person who is responsible for crewing the visitor's feed and he said he would "take care of it". I have known this "crewer" (who also is an excellent camera operator) for over twenty years and I have great respect for him. I enjoy talking about the game of baseball with him and I consider him to be knowledgeable about the game.
Well, "take care of it" he did.
During the telecast tonight, there was minimal chatter on headsets
The silence was deafening.
There was nothing special about tonight's game and there was nothing special about tonight's game coverage.
I take that back.
Our high first base camera operator (camera 3) had one of the best "ball follows" on a home run that I have ever seen.
This was a special moment on tonight's telecast.
Almost as memorable as the silence.

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