Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Here is a summary of tonight's telecast:
The Good:
Our poll question is a "sold" item where our viewers text in their preferences that are laid out in the question. Tonight's question was "Which is your favorite Jack Buck call during a Dodgers/Cardinals game.
A) "Go crazy folks, go crazy"
B) "Audios, goodbye and that might be a winner"
C) "I don't believe what I just saw"
We aired the audio from each call and announced to our viewers that the winning "call" would be replayed later in the telecast.
The first time we aired the poll question we also played the audio from each call. We aired the question a second time without the audio and announced again that the winning poll question call would be aired on the show.
There has never been a bigger response to the poll question before and the winner was "Go crazy folks, go crazy".
This was a very effective use of the poll question.
The Bad:
The first pitch of the game was scheduled for 7:15.
However, the first pitch was thrown at 7:14:30.
Because of this, we missed the first pitch of the game as we were still in commercial.
The Ugly:
During the bottom of the first inning, the number five batter in the Cardinals lineup hit a 2-run triple.
My cut of that triple was absolutely horrendous.
It was like I had never cut a baseball game before.
I was totally embarrassed.
I would like to recite my cut to you but it was so bad that I don't even remember it.
I can relate to you every other cut during the game, but I can't remember my camera cut sequence for that triple - it was that bad.
All I know is that when the play was over I remember thinking "My God was that #$#@#$%!"

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