Friday, July 9, 2010

Director's Dream, Producer's Nightmare

The Cardinals beat the Astros tonight by the score of 8-0.
There were many aspects of this game that were perfect for the TV director of the winning team.
The game had a great pace.
There were two homeruns hit by the two main players on the Cardinals.
The starting pitcher for the Cardinals, Adam Wainwright was "nails" the whole game.
The ryhthm of a telecast is usually determined by the ryhthm of the game.
Occasionally, however, the ryhthm of the telecast has NOTHING to do with the rhythm of the game.
These telecasts are the most difficult to produce.
Sometimes when the pace of the game is faster than the pace of the telecast, it is difficult for the TV production team to catch up with the pace of the game and deliver a telecast that is seamless as the telecast tries to balance the game with the "sold" items of the telecast.
The worst scenario for the TV production team during the game/telecast is to play catch-up.
If the "sold" items of a telecast take away from the game coverage, the value of the "sold" items is diminished.
Sales departments of all major sports teams must realize that LESS IS MORE!
Tonight's game/telecast is a perfect example of how sales elements can harm the quality of the telecast.
This was a huge win for the Cardinals.
This was a huge loss for the telecast.

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