Friday, August 27, 2010

The Washington Nationals' TV Crew

I may have a new favorite road TV crew.
This crew in Washington DC is good, very good.
The TD is excellent.
The camera operators work and know what they are doing.
Our Producer loves the tape room.
Audio and video mix and shade well.
The fox box operator is solid.
The duet operator is fast and on top of things.
Our announcers like the stage manager.
And the EIC (engineer in charge) of the truck is easy going and very, very talented.
Last night's game/telecast was an extra inning affair that lasted 4 hours and 35 minutes. The crew was sharp until the final out.
Tonight's game/telecast was very normal game with some intrigue at the end.
Again, a solid performance by these talented TV techs.
The quality of a television sports crew is measured in two ways.
Their performance and their attitude.
I have already blogged about the performance of this fine TV crew in Washington DC crew.
Now I will blog about their attitude.
I love this crew!
They are fun and they are funny.
They have a great time doing their jobs and you NEVER have to tell them something twice.
Televising baseball is a blast!
Some road shows are more difficult and less enjoyable than others. Don't get me wrong. I did not say that some road show are not enjoyable. I said some road show are less enjoyable.
I enjoy what I do as a TV baseball director.
I just enjoy my profession more in some venues than others.
Washington DC is one of those venues.

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  1. Tony and Albert looked awesome today in DC. The way Albert spoke english was such a simple revelation of his tremendous personality and heart. MLB has something to be proud of and thats Albert!!!!