Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feeling It

This game/telecast did not start out the way that we hoped it would begin.
There was a 23 minute rain delay before the first pitch was thrown.
The pitching match-up of the Cardinals' Jake Westbrook and the Marlins' Josh Johnson was very intriguing. As we talked about the upcoming game/telecast, we were expecting a game with the wonderful pace of last night's contest.
We were correct.
Johnson retired the first 10 Cardinals in the game and Westbrook tied a career high with 9 strikeouts.
There were eight 1-2-3 innings.
In fact, going into the top of the ninth inning, the time of the game was 1:50.
The Cardinals trailed by the score of 3-2 going into the top of the ninth and scored two runs with two outs to take a 4-3 lead.
The first batter in the bottom of the ninth homered to tie the score and the Marlins eventually won the game in the bottom of the tenth with a walk-off basehit by Hanley Ramirez.
The total time of the game was 2:23 and this included a rain delay and extra innings!
Despite a few sloppy mistakes we had a good telecast that nicely captured some exciting moments in the game.
Cutting the homerun is a blast for every TV baseball director and there were three in this game including the first batter of the game for the Marlins.
The Cardinals' two-run rally in the top of the ninth was a blast to cut.
All walk-off hits are great fun to cut and tonight's was no exception.
This was another telecast that had a great pace, great action, and was great fun to cut.
Our tight centerfield camera operator (camera 6) had a great look at the walk-off basehit and his shot showed a great "feel" for the situation.
When members of television sports crews "feel" the moment great memories are captured.
Our final rollout in tonight's telecast was the camera 6 look at the winning walk-off play.
A fitting end to a nice telecast.

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