Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tomorrow's Telecast

One of the most difficult tasks for any TV sports production team is to decide which themes for the days telecast should be addressed in the opening segment.
Do we talk about the starting pitchers?
Which position player is hot for each team?
What should this telecast spotlight throughout the game?
Many times the previous days game/telecast will give you a definite theme to cover in the next show.
Tonight's game did just that.
The Cardinals lost tonight's game 14-5 and it is my experience to tell you that a game such as this usually doesn't offer any clues as to what the major theme for tomorrow's show should be.
On a blow out loss such as this, it is usually a good idea to stay away from this game and look for a theme from another source.
Thank you Nyjer Morgan.
During the Nationals 6-run bottom of the eighth inning, Morgan went out of his way to collide with the Cardinals catcher as he scored.
A truly bush league play.
Tomorrow's telecast will address this a one of the themes for the telecast.
As we talked in the truck after this incident, it was stated that hopefully this play will fire the club up just as the Brandon Phillips comments before the series in Cincinnati ignited the team to a 3-game sweep.
Great job by the crew tonight and thank you Nyjer Morgan for giving us our theme for tomorrow.

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