Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Rarity In Pittsburgh

Top of the ninth inning, bases loaded, one out, leading 4-3.
Clean-up batter at the plate with the crowd going crazy!
I love cutting the game in this situation.
The batter pops out for the second out and the number five batter comes to the plate.
The noise is even louder.
Ball one.
Ball two.
Strike one.
Crowd on their feet cheering loudly.
Great fun is had in the television truck!
Play by play announcer, "He doesn't want to go 3-1 does he?
Swing and a miss, strike two!
Everyone in the ballpark is standing and cheering.
Here comes the pitch..........pop up to the shortstop, game over.
A game at Busch Stadium?
No. This game ended at PNC Park in Pittsburgh with the Pirates winning 4-3.
I haven't heard a Pittsburgh crowd this loud since the early 90's with Bonds and Drabek.
I don't like the Cardinals loss but the top of the ninth was a blast to cut.
Game on the line.
A raucous crowd.
A Cardinals loss.
A rarity in Pittsburgh.

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