Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pittsburgh Baseball

I had a tough time tonight.
I tried and I tried but I could not find anything to be excited about during this game/telecast.
I wasn't bored. Baseball doesn't bore me.
I was in Pittsburgh - a city I like.
I just couldn't escape the feeling that I was directing "another one of those games " from Pittsburgh.
The Pirates are a young team that may be good in two or three years but right now I find them rather irritating to watch. Yes, they did beat the Cardinals in two out of three games in this series, but they are so hard to watch.
I see these young Pirates playing the greatest game in the world at the highest level in the world and I just want to scream "Act like a big leaguer!".
I don't mean to be disrespectful to these young Pirates because they are so talented. But c'mon, respect the game and act like "you've been there before".
Hey Pirates, you want to win?
You have some great young talent in the field.
You have a wonderful, beautiful ballpark.
You have some fantastic and faithful fans. (I know because I witnessed them in the early 90's)
Bring back the interest and enthusiasm of that winning era of Pirates baseball.
Erase the last eighteen years of futility.
Rid yourselves of those games that usually happen in your ballpark.
I love what I do. I love the game of baseball. I love cutting the game of baseball.
Change Pirates baseball.

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