Monday, August 30, 2010

The Game, The Venue, The Dual Feed

First of all, let me blog about this game.
From a TV baseball perspective, this was a great game to televise.
The game was well pitched and well played by both sides and the time of game was exactly 2 hours.
This game moved and we had a great "flow to the show".
There were some technical issues early in the telecast but the EIC (engineer in charge) was on top of the problems and fixed them quickly.
These problems included no program audio to a camera and problems with Fox Trax. These issues in no way interrupted the quality of our show.
Now let me blog about the venue.
What did, however, interrupt the quality of our telecast was Minute Maid Park
When the pitcher has a well thrown inning, it is nice to shoot him as he leaves the field at the conclusion of the inning.
Don't try this at Minute Maid Park however. The security guards MUST enter the field IMMEDIATELY after the third out and their positioning on the field blocks the shot.
Also at Minute Maid, the third base coach for the Astros blocks the shot of the pitcher and the runner at first base by where he stands during the game. I realize that he has a perfect right to stand there and I make an adjustment accordingly. Camera 3 (mid-1st) is my pick-off camera on any attempt at first base. This weakens the quality of the telecast because camera 3 is my main shag camera in a dual feed.
Last but not least allow me to comment on the dual feed.
During a dual feed situation, the home show controls the high home camera.
This camera shows the defensive alignment of the team on the field.
I love to show the defense many times throughout the telecast but I am unable to show it when I prefer to because I don't control this camera when I am in a dual feed situation.
I find this very frustrating.
Also, the announcers like to talk about the defensive alignment and you can't blame them.
In the back end of a dual feed, I just can't show the defense when I want to.
I don't control camera 2.
I refuse to ask the home show to pan the defense because I do not want to tie up their production like ours is tied up in the back end of a dual feed.
I was told once that the dual feed was created because everyone "cuts the game the same".
First of all, this comment is insulting and secondly this comment is wrong.
The dual feed was created because it is a money saving venture.
I understand this and I live with it.
Please don't try to BS me that the dual feed is something else.

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