Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rhythm And Luck

Yesterday's game/telecast had a strange flow to it.
There would be a nice rhythm going during one inning and then I couldn't get into a flow during the next inning.
When there was no flow to the show I tried being more aggressive and I tried slowing down. There are times during a telecast where no matter how hard you try you just can't get that rhythm going.
However, I was lucky that there was a great flow to the show when the most exciting moment of the game occurred.
During the top of the fifth inning in a scoreless game, the Cardinals' Colby Rasmus hit a grand slam homerun.
When there is a good rhythm going in the TV truck, decisions by the Producer and the Director seem to always "work out".
You "feel" it and sometimes you just get plain lucky.
Just before the homerun was hit I isolated the high first camera (camera 3) on the Cardinals' third base dugout. The framing started with the batter (Rasmus) in the box and also included the dugout. I asked the camera operator to push to the dugout after the batter hit the ball. On the next pitch we got lucky and Rasmus hit his first career grand slam homerun. The reaction from the dugout was fabulous and the shot worked!
During this series, another Cardinals player also hit his first career grand slam homerun. In fact, four Cardinals players had all hit their first career grand slam homeruns at this ballpark with three being hit this season and one being hit last season. During pre-production, our tape producer put together a video package of the first three career slams. We added the slam hit by Rasmus to the package and aired this video adding real quality to the show.
Thank goodness there was a flow to the show during this exciting moment of the game/telecast because I am sure our execution of the moment would not have been as successful if there was no "flow to the show" at that time.
Off day today and the Cubs tomorrow at Busch Stadium.
Home shows always seem to flow.
I can't wait.

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