Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am So Fortunate

This blog will recap the Cardinals last three game/telecasts.

Saturday @ Busch Stadium: Cardinals beat Giants 5-1
Pitching match-up: Tim Lincecome vs. Chris Carpenter
Attendance: 44,477

Sunday @ Busch Stadium: Cardinals beat Giants 9-0
Pitching match-up: Barry Zito vs. Jaime Garcia
Attendance: 42,638

Tonight in Pittsburgh: Cardinals beat Pirates 10-2
Pitching match-up: Kyle Lohse vs. Ross Ohlendorf
Attendance: 12,393

How bad can it get for the Pittsburgh Pirates fans?
Take the top of the first inning for example. The Cardinals' lead-off batter walked and went to third base on a single by the Redbirds #2 batter. With the greatest player in the game coming up to the plate in Albert Pujols, Ohlendorf, who injured his shoulder, was removed from the game. Reliever Sean Gallagher entered the game and took as long as he wanted (by baseball rules) to warm up.
On the FIRST pitch to Pujols, Albert swatted a monster blast to deep left-centerfield and the Cardinals led 3-0 only nine pitches into the game.
The Cardinals then went double, walk, single and led 4-0 before an out was made in the inning.
Game over.
As the St. Louis Cardinals TV Director I am spoiled.
Win or lose, the game telecasts out of Busch Stadium are a blast to cut. The energy in the ballpark is electric and contagious. Our home TV crew gets pumped up for every Busch Stadium show because we know the fans will be "into it" and we want to capture that energy for our viewers.
We also realize that we are privileged to cover the St. Louis Cardinals baseball club because they are very good and always play hard.
The Producer and the Director for the Pittsburgh Pirates are two very talented individuals.
Pete and Jeff occupy maybe the two toughest chairs in all of television baseball. Yet, game in and game out, they provide quality coverage and entertaining television.
Being in a dual feed situation in Pittsburgh, I am able to watch their show and these guys are good! They are always upbeat and their coverage shows it.
PNC Park in Pittsburgh is my second favorite ballpark in the National League behind Wrigley Field. It excites me to think of what it would be like to televise a Cardinals/Pirates game out of PNC Park with a raucous full house.
WOW would that be fun! (Hint Hint Pirates management)
St. Louis Cardinals television baseball.
I am so fortunate.

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