Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camera 1

Camera 1 is the camera located in the third base dugout also known as low third.
In 1982, I ran that camera in the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis for Minnesota Twins home games.
I enjoy watching and learning from other camera one operators across the country.
Like TV baseball directors, every camera operator has his or her own style when running the camera.
The camera one operator in Washington DC for the visitor's feed of Washington Nationals home games is Jimmy.
It was a pleasure watching this true professional shoot camera one. Jimmy never stops working. During the game and between innings he is always looking for "the shot".
The other camera one operator who really impressed me in the last couple of years is Amy who works in Cincinnati. Amy is now on the home show and I don't blame the Cincinnati producer and director for wanting her on their show. She is terrific.
In no way do I mean to disrespect other camera one operators in Major League Baseball. Most camera operators in our business are very, very good.
Jimmy and Amy have a different style than other camera one operators. They are very aggressive and have a knack to find "the shot".
I say this as a former camera one operator who was average at best.
My claim to fame as a camera operator was that my work was once specifically mentioned on ESPN's SportsCenter.
"Here is a look at Twin's manager Billy Gardner looking slightly dejected and slightly out of focus".

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