Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tuesday night's brawl-game between the Cardinals created an energy that carried over to the game on Wednesday. The atmosphere in the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati was electric during the series because of the brawl of Tuesday night.
Usually when the Cardinals and the Cubs square off there is a great amount of energy at the ballpark as well.
It matters not whether the teams are tied for first place or tied in the cellar. One club may be real good like this season's Cardinals and one club may be bad like this year's Cubs team.
Whatever the situation, you can usually count on an electric atmosphere when these two ballclubs meet.
Not last night.
After we signed off the air last night, our Producer commented that this certainly did not seem like a typical Cards/Cubs game.
The highlight of the telecast was the standing ovation Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina received when he came to the plate for his first at-bat. This ovation was a spillover from the brawl in Cincinnati in which Molina was a main combatant. We planned for this moment and opened the PA to hear Molina announced to the crowd as the next batter. The standing ovation was long and loud and was a nice moment in the telecast.
Friday, August 13, and the Chicago Cubs are done.
Stick a fork in them.
I remember thinking early on in the game/telecast that the Cubs were mailing it in. They were just going through the motions. Even though they jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the first inning, I knew the Cardinals would win the game.
There was absolutely no life to the Cubs.
They had no energy.
I am off today with the Cardinals on FOX.
This may be good as I can conserve my energy for tomorrow's telecast of the Cardinals and the woeful Cubs.

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