Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Favorite Telecast

Tonight's telecast between the Cardinals and the Reds might be my favorite telecast of all-time. This is a bold statement as I have done more than 2300 TV baseball telecasts, but tonight's game/telecast was such a blast to cut.
Everything worked.
The telecast can never dictate to the game. The game always dictates to the telecast.
It is how the TV crew adapts to the game that separates the quality shows from the weak shows.
Tonight, the game kept giving and we kept adapting.
It was like the game was rewarding us for how well we adapted to it.
From the beginning of the telecast we were spot on in our coverage.
Our second segment of the open keyed on the comments of the Reds second baseman who called the Cardinals a bunch of "whiny bitches" and that he "hated the Cardinals". We accentuated this statement by showing this player making the last out of last night's game by striking out and we contrasted his play with the play of the Cardinals' second baseman who hit a grand slam homerun in the same game.
The game rewarded us in the bottom of the first inning with the Cardinals leading 1-0..
The Reds second baseman is also the lead-off batter for the club.
As he approached the plate for his at-bat, he tried to tap the Cardinals' catcher's shin pads with his bat.
One thing led to another and pretty soon both benches emptied and a full scale brawl erupted. This was not your typical baseball brawl with some yelling and shoving. This was a real fight between the two clubs and both managers were ejected.
During the fight, we aired video of other skirmishes that these two managers have been involved with as they managed against each other throughout the years.
Great TV!
The Reds went down 1-2-3 in the first inning.
The second batter for the Cardinals in the top of the second inning was Yadier Molina, the catcher who began the melee.
He hit a homerun on a 3-2 count.
During his at-bat, we isolated him into a tape machine and we isolated the Reds' second baseman into a tape machine.
The two angle replay was these two isos played at real speed.
Great looks!
This homerun was also our pitch-by-pitch feature.
Very effective!
TV sports is all about capturing "moments".
Sometimes the game will be very stingy in supplying these "moments".
Not tonight.
This game kept giving and giving and we kept adapting and adapting.
This was our best telecast of the year by far.
Every member of our crew contributed to this great telecast.
We nailed it!

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  1. "Every member of our crew ( and master control) contributed to this great telecast.
    We nailed it!