Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun Game To Cut

Today's game/telecast was a whole lotta fun to cut.
The Cardinals' starting pitcher, rookie Jaime Garcia, threw the first complete game shutout of his short career.
In my estimation, this performance today rates as one of the top two pitched games of the season for the Cardinals.
In my estimation, this telecast ranks as one of our best this season.
Garcia was in total control the whole game. In the nine inning complete game shutout, Garcia only threw 89 pitches and 65 of them were strikes.
Our Producer, Mike, was in total control the whole telecast. There was a great flow to the show the whole game and Mike capped off a great telecast with a rollout that showed another Cardinals' pitcher, Adam Wainwright reacting after he threw his first career complete game shutout earlier this season. This reaction was followed by Garcia's reaction when the final out was made today.
Great stuff!
During the game, the home plate umpire called a great game.
During the telecast, the camera operators were "on top of it" the whole game, the graphics were succinct, and the tape room was solid. I think todays' game/telecast included our best audio mix of the season. This was a tough day for the video operator with a mix of sun and clouds and the camera shading was excellent.
Sometimes the game is bad and the telecast is good.
Sometimes the game is bad and the show is bad.
Sometimes the game is good and the telecast is bad.
And sometimes, like today, the game was good and so was the show.
This telecast was great fun.
In Pittsburgh for Cardinals @ Pirates in a three-game series starting tomorrow.
I hope there will be more fun games to cut.

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