Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Worst Game Ever

Today's baseball game between the Diamondbacks and the Cardinals was the most boring game EVER played.
There was nothing the TV crew could do to rescue this torturous affair.
The most important factor in determining the quality of a game is the starting pitching.
In a well- pitched game, a starting pitcher will throw around 100 pitches in 9 innings.
In today's "bomb" of a game, the Cardinals starter threw 82 pitches and the Diamondbacks starting pitcher threw 101 pitches - through 6 innings!
I will not place all the blame on these two pitchers, however, as the home plate umpire was terrible. He squeezed both starters all day long with his miniscule strike zone.
Hey MLB, you want to speed up the game?
A well-paced game is usually played between 2:20 and 2:40.
Today's embarrassment of a baseball game was played in 2:50 through six innings.
Our TV team tried everything to distract from this awful game.
I would take shots of kids having fun at the Busch Stadium.
The weather in St. Louis was absolutely beautiful today. I would takes shots of the blue sky with white clouds and fans enjoying the sun.
Our Producer used flashbacks.
We had fun with the Busch Stadium's main receptionist and her wardrobe.
We utilized insightful graphics throughout the telecast.
All these techniques seemed to improve the telecast but, after trying and trying and trying to escape this terrible contest, we had to return to the game.
It is great fun for the TV crew to capture and enhance the great moments of a baseball game. 99.9% of the time, this is the case for the TV crew.
Then there are games such as the one played in St. Louis today.
No matter how hard the TV production team tries to "hide" a game such as this, it can't be done.
We tried our best.
The game, good or bad, always wins.

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