Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dreaded Truck Dream

Here are the definitions of two words from the dictionary that describe today's telecast:
Awful - Exceptionally bad.
Embarrassing - Hard to deal with.
This was one of the worst telecasts that I have ever been involved with.
No matter what we did in the truck the show got worse and worse.
This was one of those telecasts where no matter what the crew attempted, nothing worked.
Almost every person who works in sports television has had the dreaded truck dream.
In the dream, NOTHING goes right.
Not only does nothing work, this dreaded situation snowballs. In the dream, situations in the truck get worse and worse and worse.
The dreaded truck dream literally wakes you up.
Today's awful, embarrassing show was the dreaded truck dream while we were awake!
I have been involved with terrible telecasts throughout my career.
When this occurs, the crew is able to save some quality to the telecast 99% of the time.
Not today.
Even in the 90+ degree Kansas City heat, there was a huge snowball of mistakes left over from the telecast.
I experienced the dreaded truck dream today while I was awake.
Please, please, please - no truck dream tonight as I sleep.

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