Monday, June 7, 2010


A successful telecast relies on cooperation.
Cooperation is necessary from all members of a TV production team.
Cooperation is important between the team (players, manager, and coaches) and the TV production team.
Perhaps the most vital cooperation is between the home feed TV team and the visiting feed TV team.
This cooperation is needed in a side by side situation but cooperation between broadcast outlets is most important in a dual feed situation.
A side by side is when both telecasts employ their own truck and crew. Each feed has their own complement of cameras and tape machines. The two broadcast entities cooperate in the camera placement around the ballpark and they share video tape respective of each teams previous games.
The unwritten rule for camera placement in both side by side and dual feed telecasts is that the visiting team gets the primary position in their dugout. This is the inside or home plate side of the dugout. This is the "money" shot of the telecast as this location sells the most tickets. This "money shot" location is equally important for ticket sales regardless of whether the team is at home or on the road. This camera is right on top of the action in the dugout after a homerun or after a run scores and this position gives the viewer the best possible angle of a big moment for the team.
However, this unwritten rule does not exist in Houston where they utilize the position and give the visitor the awful location of the outside or outfield side of the dugout.
But, in retrospect, the Houston viewer is shown the elation of their opponent up close and personal during a bad moment for the Astros ballclub. This has a negative effect on the Houston Astros viewers especially this season where the Astros are 14-20 at home. Showing the opposing club celebrating has a negative effect on ticket sales for the home club. A bad move by the TV production team in Houston.
The Cardinals were soundly beaten tonight by the score of 12-4.
From a baseball game standpoint, there was not much to cheer about for the St. Louis Cardinals fans.
From a baseball telecast standpoint, this was a good clean show which captured some moments with nice shots and great replays.
There was super slo-mo shot of an outfielder just barely missing a homerun hit by a St. Louis Cardinals player.
There was a replay of a hard hit shot into the left field corner that nearly hit the ball boy who was stationed in foul territory down the left-field line.
These cameras were given to our feed by the LA Dodgers production team. This cooperation contributed greatly to the success of our show.
Doug, the Dodgers TV Director was constantly asking me " is everything was going ok?" and "do you need anything?"
This concern for our telecast was greatly appreciated.
The cooperation of the home TV feed of the LA Dodgers towards the visiting TV feed is commendable.
I look forward to tomorrow night's show.

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