Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mirror Image

The first two games of this A's/Cardinals series were strangely similar.
The leadoff batter for the A's doubled to start each game.
Each Cardinals starting pitcher hit a batter in the top of the first inning.
All four starting pitchers in this series worked extremely fast.
In this second game, each pitcher singled and sacrifice bunted in their first two at-bats.
Except for my hiccup in the top of the first inning where I looked at camera seven and told the TD (Technical Director) "Take one with font", this telecast, like last night's, had a wonderful flow to it.
The two starting pitchers in tonight's game, Ben Sheets and Adam Wainwright, are two of the fastest workers in all of baseball. In fact, we entered the top of the ninth with a chance of a game lasting under two hours. The A's rallied for two runs in the top of the ninth and the Cardinals won 4-3 in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Once our telecast matched the pace of the game, there was a great flow to the show.
For tomorrow's telecast, our announce team will be located in the Champions Club in Busch Stadium.
The Champions Club is a great place to enjoy a Cardinals game.
It is air conditioned with many food stations and areas to enjoy your favorite beverage. This annual telecast is a great way to promote the Champions Club and a nice "change" from the usual booth set-up employed for every other telecast.
Therefore, a theme of tonight's telecast was the Champions Club. We rolled out to break with shots of the Club and we used video of the Club as a background for billboards. We used shots of the Champions Club to promote tomorrow's telecast
Our TV production team realizes the importance of covering the game on the field AND the fun at the ballpark. We want our viewers to enjoy the telecast while at the same time wish they were at the ballpark.
Tonight's telecast was an excellent example of accomplishing this goal.

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