Friday, June 25, 2010

AL Baseball - A Different Game

Directing the American League style of baseball is different than directing National League baseball.
Regardless of arguments put up by people who enjoy American League baseball, there is LESS strategy in the AL game than the NL game.
There is less sacrifice bunting and in games between AL clubs there is no double switching.
The best managers in the AL are those who manage their pitching staffs the best.
The best managers in the NL are those who manage the game the best.
For a TV baseball director, there are more reasons to show the defensive alignment in the National League game than the American League game.
National League directors will show the defense during each bunting situation. Since bunting situations are rare in the AL, the defense is not shown as much.
Because of the fact that the sacrifice bunt is more prevalent in the NL and the defensive alignment is more readily shown, National League directors use this defensive alignment shot more frequently in non-bunting situations than American League directors.
Showing the defense involves a left to right pan in standard definition telecasts from the high home camera (camera 2) and a full pull back from this camera in HD telecasts.
I have had the pleasure of watching and learning from the cut every TV baseball director in the country. This group is very talented and I am grateful to be a member of this unique team.
American League TV directors cut a different game than National League directors.
Because it is a different game.

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