Friday, June 4, 2010

A Director's Dream

Tonight's game was the type of contest that TV baseball Directors love.
From the time we went to air at 7:00 for our 15 minute open until we signed off for the post-game show, this telecast had a great "feel" to it.
The theme of the four segment open was the number 5. Each segment of the open addressed the number 5 differently.
I have worked with our Producer, Mike, for 17 of the past 23 years and this was my favorite 4-segment open that Mike ever produced. The open flowed, the open "worked", and the open set the tone for the rest of the telecast.
The open was brilliant!
The game was a Director's dream.
The flow of the game is determined by the pitcher.
The flow of the telecast is determined by the Producer.
When the pitcher and the Producer are clicking, the Director is in for a great night.
Tonight, Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright and Cardinals Producer Mike Helling both clicked!
I had a blast.
When there is a great flow to the show, that means that the shots are always there.
The shots were there tonight.
Every member of the crew "feels" the flow. When every crew member is riding a great flow to the show, the quality of the telecast is fantastic.
This was the best telecast we have had in years.
A Director's dream come true.

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