Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Director

I had the great pleasure of listening to and occasionally watching another TV baseball director during yesterday's telecast.
During Sunday road telecasts for Cardinals baseball, we are in the back end of a dual feed with only two cameras at our disposal plus cameras that are controlled by the home feed. During these telecasts, I cut the game as best I can with this camera complement. However, when there are runners on base and the ball is put into play, I will join the program cut. With a full complement of cameras, the home director is better able to cut in runners while the ball is in play.
When there are no baserunners, however, I cut the game as I listen to our announcers.
I am always listening to the home director cut the game as well.
Mitch, the director for the Arizona Diamondbacks, is one of the best baseball directors in our business.
I don't believe there is a baseball director with more infectious energy than Mitch. I am sitting in the back end of a dual feed and Mitch has me fired up!
His camera cut is succinct and confident.
He knows where he is going and he gets there with a crisp, concise cut.
This was evident during his final cut sequence of the game/telecast.
Maybe the greatest, most exciting moment for a TV baseball director is a walk off homerun win.
The Diamondbacks beat the Cardinals 7-5 with a 2-run, 2-out homerun.
When the Diamonbacks player hit the ball I immediately instructed my Technical Director (TD) to "take 2 (high home camera) and go to program".
The St. Louis Cardinals TV audience was now watching Mitch's cut.
I was now watching Mitch's cut and I was listening to his call.
Mitch nailed it!
The call was clear, confident, and concise and the camera shots were exciting and tight.
A pleasure to watch and a great pleasure to hear.
A great cut and a great job!

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