Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Producer, Director, Announcers and Teamwork

The Producer is in charge of the telecast.
The Director is in charge of the pictures.
The announcers are in charge of the audio.
The Producer, Director and the announcers must always be "on the air".
Therefore, teamwork between these members of the TV production team is essential.
The quality of the telecast and the flow of the show depend on this teamwork.
As far as the game is concerned the Producer and the Director can lead or follow the announcers and the announcers can lead the Producer and Director or follow them.
The main ingredients of the game include live shots, replays, and graphics. Covering these main ingredients as a TV team is the most comfortable part of the telecast.
We all love the game and know the game so "covering" the game is very comfortable for all of us.
The hardest part of developing and keeping a good flow to the show, thus insuring a quality telecast, is the integration of the "sold" items and the drop-ins into the game/telecast.
Take tonight's game/telecast for example.
I will break the game down inning by inning. Remember that game-specific graphics and replays are also in play during our coverage.
Before 1st pitch
Total drop-ins and sold items: seven
1st inning - 6 batters -seven
2nd inning - 7 batters - eight
3rd inning - 6 batters - eight
4th inning - 10 batters - nine
5th inning - 8 batters - twelve
6th inning - 6 batters - three
7th inning - 6 batters - nine
8th inning - 8 batters - eight
9th inning - 6 batters - three
We all know that these items are important because they pay for the telecast. We all understand that these items are essential to the show.
The trick is to incorporate these items into the game coverage as seamlessly as possible. This takes teamwork and cooperation from the Producer, Director, and the announcers.
Our "team" on the St. Louis Cardinals telecasts work well together throughout the game to provide a quality experience for the St. Louis Cardinals fans.
Because of this teamwork, we cover the game with very few distractions.
I am proud to be a member of this team.

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