Saturday, June 19, 2010

Everything Clicked

Every so often you get a game/telecast that just clicks.
From the opening segment to the close, there is a great flow to the show.
When this occurs, there is a feeling of comfort that pervades the whole crew. The shots are there and the sounds are there. There is a wonderful rhythm between the truck and the booth. This "comfort zone" increases the confidence of the whole crew and more attempts are made to show something that has never been seen before or is seen only by the audience at home and not the fans in the stands.
It is almost as if you know nothing will go wrong with anything you try.
In our telecast tonight, there was a situation where we just knew that the runner at first base was going to attempt a stolen base.
We just knew!
The replay sequence went as follows:
1st angle -a tight iso of the runners feet as he took off towards second base.
2nd angle - high home look at the jump and the throw.
3rd angle - tight look at the slide into 2nd base from mid 1st camera.
4th look - super slo-mo look at the slide into 2nd base.
The first look was great as it showed the cross over of the left foot ass the runner took off towards second base. This was a perfect example of a camera operator knowing the situation and taking a chance on some video rarely seen before.
In the bottom of the seventh inning, I remember thinking about how smooth the telecast was going. I knew the great flow to the show would continue until we were off the air.
And it did.

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