Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Show

There was a great flow to the show tonight.
Thanks to Mike, our Producer.
We all realize that sales items, promos and drop-ins are very important in that they help pay for the telecast.
These shows cost about $40,000 each - thus the necessity of sales items.
The video portion of a telecast includes live game cut, graphics, replays, flashbacks and sales items. These five video "examples" all play an equal part in determining the quality of the telecast.
Therefore, each of these video "examples" must be game specific.
The game cut must never use "wasted" shots.
Graphics must all be game related.
Replays should always be important when covering the game.
Flashbacks have to be game specific.
All sales items must be game related in order to be effective to the consumer.
There are many obvious game-related sales items during a baseball telecast.
Batting orders, pitcher's stats, defenses and "this day in baseball history" are all examples of game-related sales items.
Sales departments have a tough job because every possible baseball related item in a telecast has been sold.
Now TV sports sales departments have expanded to sales elements that have nothing to do with the game itself.
These elements take away from the game and distract the viewers.
These elements put even more pressure on the Producer who "directs traffic" during the show to give the viewer the best possible viewing experience.
The Producer cannot control the pace of the game but the Producer does control the pace of the telecast.
Every frame of video must be game related in order to insure a good flow to the show.
Cardinals fans are lucky that the Producer of Cardinals baseball is the best in baseball at controlling the flow to a show.
Great show Mike.

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