Monday, June 14, 2010

Address, Revisit, Wrap-up

Every sports television broadcast should follow a distinct pattern.
Address the themes in the open, revisit these themes during the game/telecast, wrap-up the themes in the close.
Sometimes the game follows the theme and sometimes the game goes in a completely different direction.
When the game does not follow the theme presented, it is the responsibility of the TV production team to adjust to the game.
Tonight, our pre-game show made a big deal (as it should have) of the fact that Matt Holliday was batting in the number two hole ahead of Albert Pujols and that Ryan Ludwick was batting in the cleanup position.
The interesting tidbit about this lineup change was that Holliday had NEVER hit in the second spot in the lineup at any level.
We graphically revisited this theme after each of these player's third, fourth, an final at-bats.
When the game ended, Holliday was 2-4 with two runs, Pujols was 3-3 with 2 runs and an rbi, and Ludwick was 2-4 with 2 runs, 4 rbi's, a homerun and a double.
The graphics team built a nice looking lower third graphic with headshots that really added quality to the telecast.
Ryan Ludwick was the star of the game and we wrapped up the show with an interview immediately after the game ended.
We addressed this major theme, we revisited it during the telecast, and we accentuated this theme as we wrapped up the show.
Great telecast!
We thank the game for cooperating.

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