Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deja Vu

It is 2:00 am pacific time and I just arrived in my room in Phoenix, Arizona after a short flight from LA.
During tonight's telecast from Dodger Stadium between the Cardinals and the Dodgers, I was wondering what I was going to blog about concerning the game/telecast.
This was a nondescript telecast with not one thing standing out that warranted a blog.
The Dodgers scored two runs in the first inning and two runs in the third inning and the Cardinals answered with a 3-run homerun in the fourth inning.
Despite the fact that TV-friendly Manny Ramirez and red-hot Ryan Ludwick each hit homeruns, there was really nothing special about the game or the telecast.
Then deja vu struck.
With the score 4-3 in favor of the Dodgers, Albert Pujols led off the top of the ninth inning against Jonathan Broxton.
This was the exact same scenario as last night's game/telecast.
Last night's at-bat in the top of the ninth inning was one of the most memorable at-bats ever.
It was an eleven pitch at-bat with Albert eventually striking out.
As I wrote in yesterday's blog, the excitement and energy level grew in Dodger stadium and with the TV crew grew with each and every pitch.
The quality of tonight's telecast, like last night's show, was determined by a single at-bat.
Before the at-bat, we aired a split screen of Pujols and Broxton followed by a pitch by pitch sequence of the fantastic eleven pitch at-bat from last night.
Then the confrontation began.
Tight shots of these two combatants preceded each pitch and help elevate the excitement level of this battle.
Albert Pujols eventually won the battle with a single to center field on the sixth pitch.
This confrontation did not reach the energy level of last night's showdown between these two great players, but this confrontation gave some added value to the quality of the game and of the telecast.
Members of a TV sports production team never know when an important moment may occur in a telecast.
When this moment occurs, the TV production team must be ready.
We were ready tonight and captured that moment with high quality.
Off tomorrow.
We will be ready on Friday.

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