Friday, June 11, 2010

Scenics and Crowd Shots

One of the telltale signs that the game does not offer much to the telecast is when the most memorable shots during the game are crowd shots and scenics.
Arizona is a beautiful state and the scenics available for the visiting feed are wonderful.
Even when the game does offer some great memories, scenics are used to "wrap a ribbon" around the baseball game package.
There is not a better venue for offering scenics than Arizona. They supply the greatest number of scenics and some of the most beautiful scenics you will ever see.
I have always understood the value that scenics offer to a telecast, but it wasn't until tonight's telecast that I realized the importance of scenics in relation to the telecast.
During the next homestand, we are going to put a special emphasis on scenics and we are going to increase our scenics inventory.
The telecast had some memorable crowd shots tonight.
There was a shot of a youngster licking the salt off of a pretzel that was quite entertaining and there was a shot of an Arizona Diamondbacks fan holding the sign "I'm with Stlupid with an arrow pointing at his girlfriend who was dressed in a Cardinals Jersey. The announce team had some fun with this shot as well, but it just goes to show that when a shot such as this becomes memorable, the game did not offer much excitement.
Sometimes this is the case and scenics and crowd shots become all the more important.
I hope the game offers some memories tomorrow.

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