Friday, May 7, 2010


I love baseball because you never know what you might see during the game.
Every game is different and every baseball TV crew member learns something new during each telecast.
This profession is wonderful beacause we all learn from each and every telecast/game.
However, it is during those telecasts/games when the "wow" factor comes into effect, that those telecast/games become the most memorable for the viewer as well as the TV baseball crew member.
I have been a producer or a director of major league baseball telecasts for 27 years and I have never seen a game that included more "wow factor" events than happened tonight.
There was a play at home plate where the runner was obviously going to be safe as he arrived at the plate well before the throw. But, he missed the plate with his hand and was tagged out.
Excellent replays displayed this mistake by the runner.
There was a play at second base where the base stealer was obviously out because the throw from the catcher arrived to the second baseman well before the runner arrived at the base. However, the second baseman placed his glove on the ground in front of the base and the base runner, in a head first slide, switched from one hand to the other and avoided the tag.
Wonderful replays showed the guile of the base stealer.
The most strange play of the game occurred in the bottom of the eighth inning.
The Pirates first two batters of the inning each singled and there were runners on first and third with nobody out with the Cardinals leading 3-2.
The ball was hit back to the pitcher and the runner at third base was caught off the bag. During the ensuing rundown, the runner from first advanced to third base. The Cardinals catcher ran the base runner from third base back to the bag. The runner from first base was called out. The runner from third base thought he was out and stepped off the base. The Cardinals' catcher immediately tagged him and there was a double play.
The reaction from the catcher captured this moment perfectly - a great replay!
It is fun when "wow" plays happen during a telecast.
"Wow" plays do not have to be great offensive plays.
"Wow" plays do not have to be great defensive plays.
The most pleasurable "wow" plays are those plays that are seldom witnessed.
St. Louis Cardinals viewers and Pittsburgh Pirates viewers had their share of "wow" plays tonight.
A memorable telecast for all involved.

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