Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 Games in One

We televised two games tonight.
The first game was the first four innings and the second game was the last five innings. This was the linescore of the first game we televised:
040 0 - 4 runs, 7 hits, no errors
225 0 - 9 runs, 10 hits, 1 error
This was the linescore of the second game we televised:
00 000 - No runs, 1 hit, no errors
00 00x - No runs, 1 hit, no errors
Both of these "telecasts" had one similarity - they were both classic examples of difficult shows for the Producer and great fun for the Director. One of the main responsibilities of the Producer is to make sure that all "sold" elements make the air. This can prove to be a difficult feat for the Producer as there are over 50 sold drop-ins during our show.
Both of these "telecasts" were difficult for the Producer for two different reasons.
Our first telecast included two guests in the booth. Hall of Famer Bob Gibson stopped by for an inning and former Cardinal great Brian Jordan visited for an inning. It is awkward doing promos (sold items) when there is a guest in the booth. We do not want to insult the guest so drop-ins are not usually run with a guest in the booth.
This telecast also included a grand slam homerun by the Cardinals pitcher. The crowd wanted a curtain call and kept cheering and cheering until the player came out of the dugout. Just as the homerun hitter was acknowledging the crowd, the next batter hit a homerun as well. Back-to-back homeruns! The second homerun barely cleared the right field wall. During the replays of the back-to-back homeruns, the visiting manager conferred with the umpires and a homerun review was ordered by the umpiring crew.
It is not prudent to run a promo during a review. We showed many angles of the homerun and the umpires returned to the field less than two minutes later and signaled a homerun.
During the first telecast of the game, there were 13 runs, 17 hits, a grand slam by a pitcher, back-to-back homeruns and a homerun review.
Because of all this action, we aired many replays and some drop-ins.
Our second telecast of the game included five 1-2-3 innings, zero runs and two hits. Needless to say, this game went lightening fast.
I don't know how but our Producer made sure that all the "sold" items made the air.
I am not sure which is a more difficult task for a Producer, a game with tons of action and strange circumstance or a game that flies by.
This was a great game for a director. The first telecast was full of excitement and action. The second telecast had a super flow to it. This game was a blast to cut!
I know I had more fun than the Producer.

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