Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We finished with our third straight telecast in Philadelphia tonight and I realize how spoiled I am.
We had our third straight well-played, well-pitched, exciting game in front of a packed house.
Once again, the Philadelphia crew was fantastic.
For the third straight night the telecast was exceptional.
These telecasts out of Philadelphia reminded me of our telecasts out of Busch Stadium. Like the games in St. Louis, the ballpark was full of fans who are into the game and their team.
I am very grateful that every home Cardinals telecast is presented with a full "studio audience". The energy of a full ballpark is infectious to the crew. The TV production crew seems to feed off of this energy.
When the game is on the line and the fans in the ballpark are going crazy, every talented member of the TV production crew raises his or her performance.
The camera shots are crisper.
The video packages are tighter.
The audio mix is enhanced.
Any member of a TV sports production team who does not or cannot become excited when the game is on the line and the crowd in the ballpark is going crazy should get into another business. It is so rewarding for a TV crew to get the opportunity to work road games like the three we just televised from Philadelphia.
I am spoiled.
I cannot imagine what it would be like to televise a home show in a ballpark with a small attendance.
I sincerely thank the St. Louis Cardinals fans for their loyalty and their zeal for their team. Thank you Cardinals fans for making my job and the job of the TV baseball crew in St. Louis the most fun and the most rewarding of any job in television sports.
We are all grateful and we are all blessed.
For all of our telecasts, both home and road, we realize that we are covering the game for the best fans in baseball.
Because of you Cardinals fans, the atmosphere at Busch Stadium is electric and our Cardinals home TV baseball crew feeds off of this energy.
We only hope that our telecasts give back to you fans the pleasure you deserve as you watch Cardinals baseball.
It is our thanks to you for creating such a wonderful place to cover the great game of baseball - Busch Stadium.

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